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Elizabeth Anne Jenny Marie


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Attractive Charming Special Agent
Encounters Deadly Conspirators Out to Destroy Her

Who is Yabit? Pink Yabit

Yabit is a winsome, eternally youthful special agent from another kingdom sent to help people with especially difficult tasks.  She has been around a very long time and has gone on lots of interesting assignments, some lasting only minutes or hours, others for a hundred years or more. Read about her beginning and some of her more spectacular early missions in Genesis According to Yabit (temporarily unavailable). For one of her more recent 21st century assignments read Counterfeit Yabit.

She keeps excellent watch because her eyes operate independently of each other allowing her to see in two different directions at the same time.  The wands supporting her eyes bend so she can focus each eye on whatever she wishes.  She processes many sounds at one time through the delicate hairs of her wands, and her lovely bow serves as an antenna to keep her in contact with command central.  Being neither man nor animal, she has three big padded feet on which she moves gracefully, almost gliding or flowing. With her lack of bone she can reshape herself as no other creature is able.  Sometimes she will temporarily reshape a foot to rattle a door, or even flatten her body to allow passage through a narrow opening or under a gate. Her name is even artfully written into her design.

What the owners are saying

"Now that I've read Counterfeit Yabit, I just have to have a Yabit...and a Tiny, no matter what they cost." AEP, Seattle

Yabit is so soft, so cuddly, so easy to hold. MH, Washington

I have to have one for my granddaughter. DC, Oklahoma

Yabit's Technical DataYabit Sewing

Yabit is approximately 13" wide, 16" long and 11" high. Extra stuffing comes with her so you can adjust her to the softness you like best. Better yet, you can remove her bow and all her stuffing in order to gently hand wash her. Then you can either fluff up her old stuffing or use new stuffing as you put her back together.

Her individual production number is located on the underside of her tongue and on her lining. Her secret compartment behind her bib has room in which to tuck away secret treasures.

The pile of Yabit’s fur is 15-17 mm long and is 100% polyester.  Her bow, her tongue and linings are made of prewashed and dried 100% cotton flannel.  Her fabrics may be subject to natural fading over time.  Her zippers are closed at both ends for added strength.  Her stuffing is Poly-fil 100% polyester fiberfill by Fairfield.  Replacement stuffing may be obtained at major fabric stores or ordered from Yabitland. She has forty-seven separate parts in her not including her stuffing.  Her seams have been stitched and overlocked and the end of each seam has been finished as appropriate. 

Yabit is made in the USA from imported fabric and all new materials.

Blue Yabit in the snow
Camel Yabiat on porch by river
Bath Time



Pink and Fuchsia

Green Yabit by Bblockhouse

Yabit on the telephone

Black Yabit




Yabit at her mailbox
Turquoise Yabit inthe horsetails
White Yabit in the flowers




$279.00 USA

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